Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Midwife

10 questions to ask your midwife

When I had my little one I would go to the midwife with a list of questions and notes I had made from articles I had read in between appointments. There is just so much to know and so many new experiences in pregnancy and birth that it’s natural to want to ask a million question.

Every single pregnancy and labour is unique, even women with multiple children will tell you that there pregnancies were not the same! That said there are a few questions you might not think to ask. Having polled some of the ladies on our Instagram – Here are the top 10 (in no particular order) questions to ask your midwife.

  1. How many people can I have in the room with me before or after baby is born? Can they stay overnight if needed?
  2. Will it be you delivering my baby?
  3. Do you work with Doulas?
  4. What if I want a birth photographer present?
  5. How many births do you assist with each month?
  6. Can you explain the pain medication/birth place options to me?
  7. What happens if I go over 40 weeks?
  8. What happens if baby is breach and at what point do you take action (trying to turn baby)
  9. Who do I call if I have a non-urgent /urgent question in between appointments?
  10. What happens once baby is born? How long will I be in hospital?

What questions have we missed? Let us know in the comments below if there were any questions you wish you had asked or any questions you are eager to ask?

Have a great week.



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