Whether you are looking for something for during or after your labour, we have you covered!

Welcome to Baby Bump & Birth

Welcome to Baby Bump & Birth! I am so pleased to be able to bring you this collection of products so help see you through from your pregnancy, post pregnancy and then your labour & delivery. I recently became a mum myself and I found it overwhelming the amount of information and products out there, knowing which one to choose can be tough, as is deciding whether you need it!

Mostly all of the products in this site I have personally used, or continue to use and have found them invaluable. Previously unavailable all in one place these products are a result of hours and hours of reading reviews, watching vlogs, reading blogs and of course trial and error.

Feel free to ping me a message and ask about my experience with any of the products you see on the site.

The pregnancy and labour section are products I found essential to see me through, so much so I wish I had heard about them sooner, the upsie belly for example!

The product bundles are very handy as they show you the best combinations of products and save you money too! If you think anything is missing or would like to see something changed you can contact me on the address at the bottom of the page.

Finally, the essentials are just that, small bits and bobs that proved to be life savers for me, my bump and then my baby. Now I am onto researching the next stage.. toddlers, teething and tantrums! 🙂 Sam x

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